Showcase Exhibition | November 2021 – January 2022

The next showcase will run throughout November, December and January. We are excited to welcome three local makers to the showcase exhibition space, which is located on the first floor at designermakers21. Exhibiting work will be Rob Rutterford, Danielle Wade (Polly’s Textiles) and Sarah Burt.

Rob Rutterford – Ceramics

Potting and teaching in East Anglia for 30years creating large stoneware outdoor sculptural single fired  forms and smaller raku pieces. Inspiration grows from gardens, the natural world, historical reference, the local coast and friends. I have been involved with the Halesworth Gallery and Association of Suffolk Art Teachers over many years and exhibited widely home and abroad.

Danielle Wade (Polly’s Textiles) – Textiles Hand dyed and printed fabrics, designs produced from original artwork and constructed by hand into an assortment of products such as aprons, bags, cushions and purses. Processes include hand dyeing natural fabrics, screen printing with standard and specialist inks, and embroidery.

Sarah Burt – Needle Felting Contemporary Textile Art, originals, prints, greetings cards and handcrafted corsages made from British-milled wool. The artwork is made by a form of dry needle-felting, based on fine art principle.

Showcase Exhibition | August – October 2021

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The next Showcase will run throughout August, September and October 2021. We are excited to welcome three artists to the showcase exhibition space, which is located on the first floor at designermakers21. Exhibiting work will be Katie Hay-Molopo, Dominic Upson and Peny Conway (Cornfield Glass).

Katie Hay-Molopo – Mixed Media “My current work frequently combines text and images, in digital and traditional media formats, often in black and white. The goal of my work is to celebrate small things, create space for thoughtful reflection and gratitude, and exemplify arts’ ability to be beautiful, connect people and bring joy.”

Dominic Upson – Ceramics “Functional pottery for day to day use, simple and lively mark making with different types of slip. I make work on the potter’s wheel, then finish off the pieces with handles or foot rings. Glazing varies depending on what kiln I use to fire the work, electric firing, gas firing to get iron spots out of the clay. The salt firing which gives the work a beautiful orange peel surface. Wood firing gives beautiful flame flashing on the pots.”

Peny Conway – Glass “I make fused glass plates, bowls and other pieces. Processes include cutting glass, using fibre paper to carve relief and fusing in a kiln.”

You can visit the Showcase Exhibition from the 5th August 2021, during designermakers21 opening hours Thursday-Saturday 10am-5pm.