SAORI III, An exhibition showcasing work by East Anglian SAORI Weavers | 9th – 30th June 2022

The third SAORI weaving exhibition at designermakers21 showcasing works by East Anglian SAORI weavers. 

This exhibition shows new work by local SAORI weavers and also works created by the SAORI explorers groups. These have been monthly meetings via zoom and in the studio focusing on varied techniques each month. These groups have enabled weavers from further afield to meet up with other SAORI weavers, learn together and inspire each other.

Visit the exhibition from the 9th – 30th June in the Upstairs Gallery at designermakers21. Open Thursday to Saturday 10am-5pm

SAORI exhibition 9th - 30th June 2022

Constructed Textiles – Four Exhibitions at Diss Cornhall and designermakers21

Friday 21st May – Saturday 26th June

In collaboration, designermakers21 and The Cornhall Diss are putting together 4 exhibitions in Constructed Textiles from 21 May – 26 June.

At The Corn Hall there will be exhibitions by Margo Selby, a celebration of Weave (a collection of artists practising weave) along with Yoshi Shionagawa, a photographer.
Open Monday – Saturday 10 – 4pm.                                                                      

At designermakers21 a vibrant and colourful exhibition by local SAORI weavers.
Open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 10 – 5pm.
This exhibition unites SAORI weavers showing the boundless and creative potential that exists within and connects us all.

Exhibition Details
Constructed Textiles Exhibition Details
Saori Shed workshop graphic
Saori Weaving on the Loom