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Showcase May to July 2017

Peter Dunsmore

Peter Dunsmore is a self employed cabinet maker living locally. He makes mainly clocks, boxes and traditional writing slopes using marquetry and different veneers to a pleasing effect. He makes most things using hardwoods and where possible uses recycled oak from old school pianos that would otherwise go into the bonfire and mahogany type timber from church pews that were also destined for the fire.

clock by P DunsmoreWriting slope by P Dunsmoreveneered lampshade by P Dunsmorebox by P Dunsmoreclock by P Dunsmore


Showcase Preview

We now have a preview page on the website giving you a taste of the next Showcase artists. These are not on show at designermakers21 until July 2017. (Click anywhere in this paragraph to see the preview page)