Specialising in creative knitwear, Saori weaving and unique hand spun yarns made from wool, natural, local fibres, and recycled materials

Individual knitted garments, clothes & accessories created to be worn in many ways, wonderful fibres and one-off yarns.

Saori weaving originates in Japan.

The ‘sa’ of Saori comes from the Zen vocabulary meaning everything has its own individual dignity, the ‘ori’ means weaving. It is freestyle hand weaving without rules and restrictions. It is open to everyone regardless of age, gender, physical ability or intellectual aptitude.

Be bold and adventurous!

Saori weaving is accessable to everyone. In a Saori Studio the looms are set up with warp threads so you can come in, sit down and weave. It is the freedom to create, to paint with yarn and fibres to express our minds freely without regulations. Saori weaving overcomes preconceptions of weaving, with no complicated patterns to follow, no worries about straight selvedges and no mistakes!

The Saori Shed weaving studio promotes freestyle weaving with no rules or restrictions. Saori is an art form in which we express our true selves in weaving. There are no mistakes, no patterns to follow. Weavers just weave what they want to with complete freedom and creativity.

We also offer textiles talks, workshops and demonstrations for groups around the UK.

For more information and prices visit: thesaorished.co.uk

A short film about Saori Shed

Film made for designermakers21 by Robbie Sunderland