I have been struck by the appropriateness of mosaic as a medium to express my creativity; indeed I see my life up to this point as a mosaic of different disciplines and experiences, all of which play a part in my design process.

Walking in the countryside I enjoy the profusion of shapes and colours which aggregate into beautiful, complex patterns. With my mosaics  I am trying to capture the fluid nature of these patterns using hard unyielding pieces of ceramic and glass. I aim to convey the excitement and thrill found in the explosion of diversity where edges meet, while still maintaining the calm completeness of the whole.

Mosaics are one of ten classes of patterns, each with a particular function, that make up the entire physical world — natural and human-made — at all scales, known and used throughout history.

Creating detail and quality with mosaic is labour intensive, requiring careful cutting and shaping of each tesserae (small tiles). Finished designs are backed with Glass-Fibre-Reinforced concrete, a very strong substrate that makes each mosaic weather tolerant and suitable for indoor or outdoor siting.

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