Chloe Scott creates designs inspired by rural and urban unnoticed details, looking at macro details and simple patterns. Fabrics explore graphic motifs, padded forms and strong colours in a sophisticated approach.

Chloe graduated from Norwich University of the Arts in July 2017 with a First-Class BA(Hons) in Textile Design. Throughout university Chloe grew passionate about weaving and this became her focus.

In January 2018 Chloe decided to start her own Woven Design Business to work on products, collections and commissions. Currently Chloe is developing her business to begin producing home products while she develops her underlying passion to produce fabrics aimed at Automotive or Home Interior Upholstery. She is also working with The Princes Trust to gain help and guidance while beginning her business.

Chloe combines her love of photography and drawing to inform designs, creating graphic bold motifs which are translated onto the loom and into her woven fabrics. Each fabric is bespoke as the warp yarn is hand dip-dyed, allowing a gradual change in colour throughout many of the designs. This also gives an added sense of shape and dimension to the fabric.

Once on the loom, Chloe considers use of yarn and materials to include intense bold colour and reflect on the inspiration, while thinking about what is suitable for the final product or design. Chloe uses various yarns like Cottons, Polypropylene, Viscose and Silks which help to create the smooth finish and the intricate patterns to her fabrics.

Different techniques are used on the loom to create varied fabrics. Chloe creates large simple flat designs but is also working on innovative padded structural designs with embossed forms and structures which come straight off the loom to create more luxury products and fabrics.

These innovative padded fabrics are created completely on the loom. A double-cloth occasionally crossing over creates pockets which are filled by hand as the fabric is woven, giving the fabric a quilt like effect but without the stitching!

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