An opportunity to learn new skills

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At 21 St Nicholas Street, Diss IP22 4LB The members of designermakers21 offer a variety of workshops. Come and learn new skills from professional crafts people. Workshops offered in the studios by members – Printmaking – Annette Rolston & Mike FentonFeltmaking … Continued


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ScribblyRoo is an illustrator and jewellery maker living in the rural parish of Alburgh, Norfolk. Amongst Scribbly’s diverse work you can expect to find all sorts of oddities, from laser cut octopus earrings to mixed media paintings of her gothic … Continued

Dominic Upson

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Functional pottery for day to day use, simple and lively mark making with different types of slip. Dominic puts his pieces in different types of firing kilns, salt, soda, wood, gas and electric, to achieve different finishes to the work. … Continued

Lark Images

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Chris and Valerie Wheeler Lark Images create handbound books with covers of leather, cloth, wood or photographic images, combined with exposed spine stitching. Many of the books incorporate original photographic images from which they also produce a selection of framed … Continued

Print In Action Saturday 27th July Itinerary

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@ THE CORN HALL – Lower Gallery NI GOODING – SCREENPRINT DEMONSTRATIONS 11am To 2.30pm. An opportunity to pull a colour through a small screen onto a partially completed screen-print prepared by Ni. @ THE CORN HALL – Main Foyer … Continued