Rob Rutterford

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Rob Rutterford specialises in ceramics. His home is Halesworth Suffolk, where he has worked for over twenty years, teaching and producing stoneware, raku and domestic pottery.

He concentrates mainly on garden pieces, in both functional and abstract forms, aiming to create work which complements in colour and scale, a garden. His preference is to use textured stoneware clay because of its durability and natural colouring.

His inspiration comes from the natural world – from gardens, the nearby coast and historical references. He surrounds himself with resources to fire his imagination, various media, found objects and sketches. Once a form is complete, a single firing achieves the toasted appearance for which he is now renowned.

He’s always pleased to see his work ‘at home’ in natural surroundings which inspires him to develop new structures and ideas. As everything he creates is hand built, no two pieces are ever the same. Over time they ‘weather’ to form their own personality and character.

He has exhibited all over East Anglia and beyond and is a founder member of the Association of Suffolk Art Teachers and works closely with local galleries.

For more information please visit his website:

Rachel de Roeper

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Rachel de Roeper Living Art is the brand and label for international British artist and designer, Rachel de Roeper.

Influenced by form and movement found in nature. Working intuitively, through feeling, recollection and inspired visual stimuli from geographic, geological and natural form. the stunning semi-abstract and abstract artworks capture hearts and minds with a feeling of ‘living’ the art pieces. They appear as decorative imagery for interior or open public spaces.

While studying Surface Decoration Design BA (Hons) at De Montfort University, graduating in 1993, Rachel developed a unique formula and technique of layered mixed media applied to transparent surfaces, on the reverse side, to that of the audience view; Creating intriguing textural patterns and imagery.

Her particular technique and formula remains’ unique.
Working with British illumination specialists and framers, her transparent media work lends itself to backlighting, as functional light sources for private, commercial and public spaces. Left in natural light, her transparent media artwork takes on a softer, yet equally striking appeal.

Rachel also creates on traditional surfaces from canvas to paper, through to mural design.  

Her artistic style and application of medium changes with the surface medium she works with; from detailed form, through to relaxed, open abstraction.

An exciting development in Rachel’s repertoire is the creation of her designs into high-end Art Fabrics for couture and interior furnishings. Rachel’s unique work and talent is endorsed by manufacturers ‘By Appointment to the Queen’. For example, Joel & Son Haute Couture Fabrics London; Where she has sold her artwork designs for their own collections.

Rachel takes her clients on a journey beside her that honours and respects their wishes, while ensuring an end result that is always beautiful.

Her work shown through the designermakers21 Showcase are for sale; She also welcomes bespoke commissions.

Contact Rachel directly via:
Mobile:+44 (0) 7711 768 150