Diss Heritage Transport Fayre

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designermakers21 is open on Sunday 15th.

The weather is forecast to be sunny, so come and enjoy a well rounded day out on what might turn out to be the last summer’s day! A leisurely walk around the town will take in the Transport Fayre, a walk along the Mere boardwalk, fantastic choice of eateries and a visit to our remarkable collection of contemporary craft and craft studios. Make sure to spend time discovering all we have to offer.


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ScribblyRoo is an illustrator and jewellery maker living in the rural parish of Alburgh, Norfolk. Amongst Scribbly’s diverse work you can expect to find all sorts of oddities, from laser cut octopus earrings to mixed media paintings of her gothic fairytale ‘The Crowman’. Her work is inspired by the woodlands by her studio and the wildlife often seen tiptoeing across her garden lawn. Pheasants, deer, foxes and rabbits are all frequent visitors, and crop up in both her paintings and jewellery. Scribbly is also influenced by the Norfolk coastline and a lot of the history, folklore and mythology that is born out of the sea. Fairytales and mysterious narratives creep around the edges of all of her creations.

Scribblyroo artwork sample
Scribblyroo artwork sample
Scribblyroo jewellery sample
Laser cut tree necklace
Scribblyroo jwellery sample
laser cut fox necklace
Scribblyroo jewellery sample
Scribblyroo artwork sample

To find out more about ScribblyRoo, please visit the following:




Dominic Upson

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Functional pottery for day to day use, simple and lively mark making with different types of slip. Dominic puts his pieces in different types of firing kilns, salt, soda, wood, gas and electric, to achieve different finishes to the work.

He makes work on the potter’s wheel, then finish off the pieces with handles or foot rings. He tries to make the pot look lively by leaving the throwing lines in, and with the slip decoration he uses first movements to eject life into the pieces.

Glazing varies depending on what kiln is used to fire the work, electric firing, gas firing to get iron spots out of the clay. The salt firing which gives the work a beautiful orange peel surface. Wood firing gives beautiful flame flashing on the pots.

ceramic samples by D Upson
ceramic samples by D Upson
ceramic sample by D Upson
ceramic samples by D Upson
Ceramic bowls

Folkeast 2019

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designermakers21 will have a stall at this great event all weekend of August 16th, 17th and 18th at Glemham Hall in Suffolk.

We will have our own marquee with a selection of all designermakers21 members craft products on display, and also 5 members will be demonstrating and/or offering taster workshops over the 3 days of the festival. If you are already booked in for the weekend please ensure that you pop in our tent and say hello!

Visit the folkeast website for details and booking

Lark Images

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Chris and Valerie Wheeler

Lark Images create handbound books with covers of leather, cloth, wood or photographic images, combined with exposed spine stitching. Many of the books incorporate original photographic images from which they also produce a selection of framed artworks. Much of the work and photographs are inspired by the detailed textures and colours of plants and the environment.

Their books are completely handmade, from cutting and folding the pages to creating the cover and binding with decorative exposed stitching. Many of the photographic images explore the tiny details and patterns in plants.

Chris Wheeler book binding samples
Leather, longstitch, murano
Chris Wheeler Sketchbook samples
Hand bound sketchbooks
Chris Wheeler book binding samples
Chris Wheeler book binding samples
Hand bound books, Rust series
Chris Wheeler book binding samples

Print In Action Saturday 27th July Itinerary

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@ THE CORN HALL – Lower Gallery


DEMONSTRATIONS 11am To 2.30pm. An opportunity to pull a colour through a small screen onto a partially completed screen-print prepared by Ni.

@ THE CORN HALL – Main Foyer


DEMONSTRATIONS 11am to 1.45pm then 2.30pm till 4pm. An opportunity to ‘have a go’ at selecting your very own lettering and print using their press. Charge £ 2.00 a go.

@ THE CORN HALL – Upper Gallery


DEMONSTRATIONS 11am to 1pm them 1.45 to 4pm. An opportunity to watch Celia ink up her small intricate lino blocks with water based inks and hand print them using a burnisher.

@ designermakers21 – in the Upstairs Exhibition Space

DEMONSTRATIONS AND ‘HAVE A GO’ – 11 am to 4pm – half hour break for lunch.


Zelda curates the Espacio Print Fair in London and is a part-time tutor at Curwen Press. She will be offering have a go sessions trying out linocut. She will have the use of a mobile press and the public can create their own linocut print to take away. A small charge of £3.00 to cover materials will be made.


Liz is Bungay based and participates in the Norwich Print Fair. She will offer drypoint using a special drypoint papercard technique and have access to a mobile printing press. The public can create a linear, tonal drypoint print to take away. A small charge of £3.00 to cover materials will be made.


Di will be demonstrating wood engraving and will have displays of her work and be available for questions. She also makes etchings, linocuts, collagraphs, and uses letterpress and is a bookbinder. Her work is in the Bircham Gallery in Holt.

@ designermakers21 – In Old Forge

DEMONSTRATIONS  11 am to 4pm – half hour break for lunch.


Marco will be demonstrating screenprint through the courtyard in The Old White Forge. People can watch or take part in a free have a go session. Marco was a screenprint tutor at London College of Print and is now a trustee of designermakers21 and runs screenprinting sessions with local schools and community groups.

@ designermakers21 – In Annette Rolston’s Studio


DEMONSTRATIONS 11 am to 4pm – half hour break for lunch. An opportunity to watch Jacqui and Heather at work using  a large format etching press.