Dominic Upson

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Functional pottery for day to day use, simple and lively mark making with different types of slip. Dominic puts his pieces in different types of firing kilns, salt, soda, wood, gas and electric, to achieve different finishes to the work.

He makes work on the potter’s wheel, then finish off the pieces with handles or foot rings. He tries to make the pot look lively by leaving the throwing lines in, and with the slip decoration he uses first movements to eject life into the pieces.

Glazing varies depending on what kiln is used to fire the work, electric firing, gas firing to get iron spots out of the clay. The salt firing which gives the work a beautiful orange peel surface. Wood firing gives beautiful flame flashing on the pots.

ceramic samples by D Upson
ceramic samples by D Upson
ceramic sample by D Upson
ceramic samples by D Upson
Ceramic bowls